Our Kitchen Garden

Respect for the environment and for what we produce

We have always been farmers and we have an intimate knowledge of our land and, over the years, we have learned to work it according to the natural cycle, without any artificial constraints that force and disrupt that cycle. 

We work the soil with modern equipment however we maintain and respect ancient farming methods: we only use organic fertilizers, we follow crop rotations, we only plant seeds adapted to our land, we limit irrigation, we help our vegetables with “friendly insects” both for pollination and for defence against parasites. 

Agricola Zerbo fresco

Fresh products

In an area of 100 hectares we grow cereals, fodder, fruit and vegetables, picking only the products that each season yeilds. 
Strawberries, green beans, asparagus, courgettes and tomatoes are some of our most popular products, cultivated with respect for nature and from which we claim “only” authenticity, freshness and goodness. 

Agricola Zerbo conserve

Preserves, jams and marmalades

In winter the land naturally rests and, as good peasants do, we have always had the habit of preserving a part of what the garden has produced in the summer monthsin order to enjoy it in the colder months. 
Over the last few years we have started to process part of our products, taking care of the entire supply chain, from sowing to transformation, adding to our offer and product range jams, preserves, stone ground flours, fruit juices and grappa. 

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