Our Stone Mill

The strenght of tradition, the taste of taking things slowly

We chose stone grinding because it is the oldest, and still unsurpassed, method in high quality flour production. 

The advantages of this grinding method result mainly from the low speed of the mobile wheel (80-100 rpm of the stone mill compared to 300-350 of modern plants) which keeps the temperature low during milling and ensures that the flour does not run any risk of overheating, preserving at the best organoleptic qualities contained in the bran and germ of each grain. 

Modern grinders also peel the grain from the outer layer and arrive at a high level of purification that impoverishes the flour. This procedure gives many refined products, which however maintain only the starchy part of the grain, lacking the precious nutrients of the other parts. 

Stone mills, on the other hand, grind the whole grain and only later, during the sieving phase, is the flour separated from the bran and, no matter how much we grind the grain, the flour will never be completely free of this important element. In this way the product will always maintain its most important substances such as proteins, vitamins, magnesium, calcium and other mineral salts, known for its complex perfumes, the most intense taste and remarkable beneficial properties. 

Il nostro Mulino
il nostro molino
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