Zerbo Flours

Each grain tells our story

We have been a family run farm since 1932 in the area of Gavi, the main town of the Lemme Valley, where the magnificent vineyards, green fields and cedar woods take your breath away. Over time many things have changed but one concept has remained unchanged and well rooted in our hearts and minds: respect for the environment and for what we produce. 

In 2018 we completed a project that we had been dreaming of for a long time: the introduction of a natural stone mill, which allows us to follow the whole production process, from the fields to the table, and to be in complete control of every link in the chain of production. 

Raccolta spighe di grano Farine Zerbo
Chicchi di grano tenero Farine Zerbo
Campo di spighe di grano Farine Zerbo
Il nostro Mulino Farine Zerbo
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